1 Set Up for Logo Embroidery


How many logos have you selected for printing? Please select below:

This option must be selected if you are opting to have embroidery and you have not had this logo set up with us before. Simple text embroidery such as a name, initials or a company name with no picture requires no set up. This fee is to convert your logo professionally into embroidery format and is payable once per logo (if you require more than one size i.e. front and back then this option must be selected twice as each size must be set up separately).
If you are having your logo on front chest/ sleeve this would require one set up.
If you require a logo on the back this requires a separate set up due to size difference and bigger sizes must be set up differently to small logos.
A set up is required for each different logo. Colour and small size variations do not require new set ups.
If you require logos such as Gas Safe or other registered standard logos please contact us about the set up for these logos as these are different.
Any questions about this fee then please do contact us!